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Logging in to TAB Lookup In 6 Easy Steps

1. Click on the Customer Login on left side of the screen.
2. Click in the "User Name" field.
3. Enter your account number.
4. Press TAB or click on the Password field.
5. Enter your password
6. Press TAB or click on the ENTER button.

You are now in the TAB Client Web program home page. Click on the linked buttons on the top banner bar to move around and perform various functions within TAB Lookup. If you require help with the program please contact The Tab Group.

Common Problems and Solutions:

You get an "UNAUTHORIZED USER" error even though you have used this service before.

This error is almost always caused by having CAPS LOCK turned on when you login. The login process is case sensitive and your login information must be entered just as it was given to you. If you do have upper case characters in you password or user id, they must be entered in upper case. Try to login again, making certain that the case you enter the information in is correct.

Access to the TAB Lookup System

Customers wishing to setup access to TAB Lookup or arrange a training session, please contact Greg Bender at



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