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Integrated Records Management Services
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 Services Offered By TAB Microfilm

Filming Processing Duplication

Roll Film
Cards & Jackets
  •  16 MM
  • Cartridges
  • Diazo Film
  •  35 MM
  • Aperture Cards
  • Silver Film
  • 105 MM
  • Archival Preservation Filming  

Quality Control:

·         Standards - Microfilming procedures meet all requirements of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) specification for Life Expectancy (LE). Optical disk procedures meet or exceed all present standards for digital imagery. As state and federal agencies implement specific guidelines we will be at the forefront of compliance.

·         Process Control - Our deep tank microfilm processor equipment features chemical replenishment by automated mixing systems. It is controlled by digital speed and thermostatic heating sensors All processing is monitored with sensitometric testing procedures on a daily basis.


·         TAO - Our exclusive Totally Automatic Office System maintains accurate workflow production awareness and documentation ensuring accurate and immediate access to your documents

·         Internal Maintenance On-staff technicians maintain all production equipment on a 24-hour basis. This reduces critical down time minimizing missed deadlines, ensuring total control over scheduling and the production process

·         Visual Inspection - Original and duplicate microfilm is visually inspected in microfilm viewers and on light tables. Each image on the original film is inspected on an image by image basis for acuity, file integrity, frame pulldown, etc. We meet or exceed the standards as outlined in the NMA-MS 104-172, Recommended Practice, Inspection, and Quality Control of First Generation, Silver Halide Microfilm and by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

·         Total Control - All work is created internally, ensuring the highest quality control over your project. No records leave our premises. On premise projects are coordinated with your personnel at the start and  throughout the entire production cycle. Information and status updates are provided on a daily basis.

·         Film Integrity - Film is tested utilizing the industry standard Methylene Blue test for archival level removal of residual Thiosulfate ensuring the long term life expectancy of film.


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