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Integrated Records Management Services
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It is The TAB Group's intent to provide to our customers any services requested relating to the storage, archiving and indexing of information and materials. Rarely does one media, be it paper, microfilm or digital imaging, properly address the underlying needs, or budgets, of a Corporation's many areas. In offering all of the aforementioned technologies through one vendor, each need can be properly addressed rather than compromised, misapplied, or forced into a multiple vendor / location situation.  

  • Records rarely viewed or accessed can be stored inexpensively in our Archive;
  • Long term archival needs, critical backup copies, and federally or court mandated archival media can be made to microfilm;
  • Critical, heavily accessed, current documents or drawings can be scanned, indexed and transferred to network programming or other host environments. 

Our divisions operate under a single goal, to satisfy a customers total need. We will recommend only that product, and price-point, that is necessary to accomplish the job, rather than try to force all aspects of a job into one specific technology


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