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Records storage is an important part of any business. With the increasing amounts of data generated by businesses and the high costs of office space, offsite storage is the best solution for your records management program. Offsite storage can help with your bottom line by freeing up valuable office space and reducing the amount of employee time spent on the management of your records.
Offsite records storage is also a key component in any disaster recovery plan. The importance of a disaster recovery program has increased since 9/11 and with the ever increasing amount of natural disasters. State-of-the-art security systems and structural benefits ensure that records are safe.

  • The TAB group uses a custom designed barcode based Record Storage System, which is considered to be one of the leading records storage & management software system available.

  • All containers, retrieved file folders & tapes are bar-coded for tracking purposes. A brief description of each container or file folder is entered in our tracking system. These unique bar code labels and the latest in scanning technology ensure your records are accounted for at each point of movement.

  • Our records management software provides a fully automated system which allows each work order to be tracked from the moment a customer requests delivery or pickup of files, containers or tapes, until they are safely delivered or returned to storage.

  • Accessing your files and boxes is easy via our secure Website. Service requests can be made by simply calling, faxing, emailing or accessing your account information via the web.

  • Requests for service transmitted via the web to the records center, automatically generates a work order or an order for service.
  • Materials can be hand delivered, faxed or emailed directly to your office.  You also have the option to pick them up or view the materials at our facility in a private viewing room.




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