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Integrated Records Management Services
Integrated Records Management Services
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Our Facility

The TAB Group's record center is constructed of architectural block and insulated steel with a metal deck roof on steel joists. The record center is alarmed for smoke, heat, fire, intrusion and motion-detection.

Our record center is monitored through a central station security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with direct links to fire, security response and key TAB Group employees.

The Vault

Tapes are stored in our media vault. This is a “dry-zone”, self-enclosed room with a two-hour fire rating. Access to the vault is via a steel “DieBolt” vault door. A specially designed racking system, segregated into individual storage units, houses tapes and other containers.

The vault is equipped with a dedicated, external HVAC system, which maintains the temperature and humidity within the vault at 20 degrees Celsius and 45% relative humidity. The environmental conditions within the vault are also monitored by our security system to ensure conditions do not fluctuate by more than 5%.

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