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The secure, efficient, affordable solution

Is on-site storage of your documents taking up valuable office space? Frustrated by the inefficiency of your current document filing system? Looking for a safer, more secure, way to store your documents? Let The TAB Group manage your documents for you. We’re the secure, efficient and most affordable solution.

 Increased Productivity

By employing The TAB Group to do your document management, you will:

  • Reduce document search time

  • Eliminate the loss of information due to unidentified or misfiled documents

  • Eliminate duplicate or partial records

  • Create a retention schedule by identifying document types and their uses
Bar-Coded Systems

All documents for storage are bar coded and then scanned into a bar coded shelf location for ease of search, retrieval, reporting and managing.

Flexible Requesting

Requests for documents can be made by:

  • Connecting to The TAB Group directly from your PC using The TAB Group’s web-based services
  • Phone, Fax or Email

You choose the most convenient method and let The TAB Group take care of the rest!

Flexible Delivery

You never know when the need for a document will arise. That’s why The TAB Group gives you a number of delivery options to choose from. 

  • Next Day, Same Day, 3 hour or 90 minutes
  • Fax Delivery

  • Imaging On Demand

  • Emergency retrieval: available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year


Compare what it’s costing you to store your documents in-house or in a traditional warehouse space and you’ll see The TAB Group’s rates are significantly lower. Additionally, you will save on valuable hours that were previously spent by your employees who had to do their own management and retrieval of company documents.

Pricing Options

At The TAB Group we give you the choice of flat rate, all-inclusive pricing or, if it’s more advantageous for you, we will build a customized pricing structure based on your specific needs. Please contact us for further information.


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